lowtown new-build

This was what you might call the quintessential contemporary Northern Ireland house-type: a new-build, detached rural bungalow, originally designed in 2009 by an engineer who used a prototype house that had been designed for another site.  The foundations were already laid when my client took on the site.  My brief was to adapt the design to make it more personal, vernacular, open-plan and stylish, with the minimum disruption, cost and delay.  We gained a ‘non-material variation’ approval to the planning application, pushing the boundaries of how much could be changed without the time and cost of submitting a new application.  Next up was a ‘change of house type’ approval from Building Control, followed by work starting on-site in September 2015.  These clients went down a self-build route, coordinating the construction of the works themselves with the help of their skilled tradesmen family members and friends – and they blogged about the whole experience here, for those of you that are interested.

[images to follow once we get the house photographed]