legatirriff house extension






Photographs taken by artist Aly McLoughlin-Harte

This is an extension to a 300 year old listed, thatched cottage.  The brief was for a bright and spacious garden room that would allow the clients to enjoy their garden and views.  A utility room was also required.  They wanted to create something that respected the old house yet at the same time was very definitely new and distinct.

The solution was a glazed, oak framed building which is separated from the existing cottage by two glass links which enclose a small courtyard garden.  The utility room, whose ideal location blocked the view to Lough Neagh, conceals its units within a linear timber box.  When not in use, the box is ‘closed’ and two large windows allow inhabitants to gaze from the sunroom through the space to the view of fields and lough beyond.  When the utility room is being used, large moving walls/doors open to reveal the units, and in so doing they cover the windows, creating an enclosed utility room.  Oak and detail design were expertly provided by the Green Oak Framing Company.

The cottage was also modernised and restored, to include re-thatching, replacing a slate dormer with a new, thatched eyebrow dormer, lime rendering (replacing previous cement harling, which my dear friend – and lime aficionado – Anna Gibb describes as being like wrapping the poor building in cling film so none of the moisture can get out!) and some internal works.  Conservation architect Denis Piggott also contributed to these works.


See here for an article about this job, and some more great photos (including interior shots), in Self Build Ireland magazine:

selfbuild cover selfbuild inside

A feature on the spectacular landscaping by Noel Sweeney of Plotscape was also featured in the RSUA journal, Living Design, Spring 2015 issue:

Legatirriff House in Living Design_P.1 Legatirriff House in Living Design_P.2

And it had its TV debut when it was recently (Spring 2016) shortlisted for season 2 of RTE’s Home of the Year television programme, where three prominent architect/designer judges toured an eclectic mix of houses across Ireland to choose their favorites.  Here are some stills from the programme, where the judges did a lot of looking upwards and playing with the large doors concealing the utility room:

For my blogpost on the project, including more photos by Aly McLoughlin-Harte, view ‘Photographing Architecture and the Everyday at Legatirriff House’



5 Comments on “legatirriff house extension”

  1. This house almost gives me the shivers, I think it is so simply beautiful, and I just want to be in the space it makes!

  2. Sadie says:

    Hi, I’m really in love with this home, we’re about to start building and have a lot of glazing, I’m just wondering what supplier did you use? Or who would you now recommend for very large unbroken panes of glass?

    • Hi Sadie,
      Thanks for your message. We used Glazing Design in Banbridge, who now operate under the name Feral Glazing. The glazing manufacturer was Schucco, which is an aluminium-framed, very high quality and widespread German system. The guys at Feral are good and can help with more bespoke/non-standard installations too.
      Best of luck with your project!

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