about me


I am an architect.  I am self-employed.  You can see some examples of my past, current and in-the-pipeline work on the Architecture Page.  I have worked in architecture practices in Belfast, New Zealand, London and Edinburgh on projects ranging in scale from domestic renovations/extensions and housing schemes to university buildings and bio-medical laboratories.  I even did my time (well, three months) working on a building site, learning about the real work that goes into making buildings!  I studied in Manchester (Art & Design), Aberdeen (BSc Architecture), Cardiff (MArch) and Edinburgh (Part III Architecture).

I am a researcher.  I’m working towards my PhD at Queen’s University, Belfast, with the (current) title ‘The Co-Production of Space in Divided and Contested Contexts: Planning, Architecture and Other Ways of Knowing.’  You can read about it on the Research and Research Blog pages.

I am a wife and a mother.

I love to teach.  Back in the day, I taught windsurfing, kayaking and sailing for many’s the summer in England at Bray Lake Watersports and in Ireland at Carlingford Adventure Centre.  These days I prefer to keep my hair dry – I do some studio tutoring and crits plus the occasional lecture in Architecture and Planning at Queen’s University, Belfast.

I love meeting people and talking about stuff…  I coordinate the fascinating, interdisciplinary Contested Space Reading Group at Queen’s, which sees academic staff and research students get together monthly for challenging and stimulating discussion of current academic papers.

…and walking.  And I love an excuse to take students and others on the occasional architectural walking tour around Belfast.  I have written a tour on the prolific Victorian Architect Sir Charles Lanyon, and another, ‘Belfast: A City Shaped by Conflict’ about the lasting physical impact of the Troubles on the city and its infrastructure.

I love Belfast.  Its red-brick terraces; its walkability; its resilience; its small-world-ness; its beautiful hill-hugged, lough-shore setting; its potential; the craic.

(But Achill Island will always be my spiritual home)


The views and opinions expressed on these pages are mine alone and do not represent those of my university / colleagues / funders.

Photographs, unless otherwise attributed, are my own.  You are welcome to use my photos, and I’d be grateful if you would credit me and this blog when you do so.


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