Homeward Bound

So the month is up and I’m on my way back to Belfast.  While I’ve been here I’ve experienced, among many other things, 36 bus journeys, 20 interviews, 10 checkpoint crossings, about as many Taybeh beers (no connection, amazingly), 5 museums & galleries, 3 tours, 2 lectures, one box-ticking float in the Dead Sea, an oasis of peace, a great big F-off Separation Wall (sorry, but it’s a fitting expletive), and more religious sites, calls to prayer, hummus and machine guns than I can even begin to count.  I’m ready to put my feet up for a few days when I get home, and then let the transcribing, processing, coding and digesting commence!  Not to mention the Belfast dimension of my fieldwork and the four workshops and conferences I’ve committed myself to speaking at before 2013 is out.

It's tough old work, this researching malarkey.

A float in the Dead Sea… It’s tough old work, this researching malarkey.

This blog has been a wonderfully useful place to gather and share my thoughts and experiences along the way on my trip – thanks to all of you who have read and contributed.  Now to see what shape it takes upon my return to Belfast…I think you can expect slightly less prolific blogging, though – maybe one or two posts a week.  And you’ll start to see the Israel/Palestine tag in the right-hand column begin to shrink as the Belfast and Northern Ireland ones expand.

And so, with that, I wish one divided city farewell and make my way back to the decidedly less sunny one I call home.

The lovely street I've been living on for the last four weeks

The lovely Jerusalem street I’ve been living on for the last four weeks


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